I am an experienced creative writing workshop leader able to offer inspiring, practical and informal workshops on many aspects of creative writing (life-writing, poetry and prose) to schools, writing/reading groups and community groups.

I am also available for poetry readings, commissions and collaborations.

\’Grist\’ anthology launch, Huddersfield,october 2009

For more details email me at

\’The workshop of sensory delights\’, Huddersfield literature festival, 2009

Comments on my workshops

Feedback at workshop for Bridlington Writers’ Circle, March 2010

” I really enjoyed being stretched into new language and new ideas through existing poetry with a tutor without pretensions and oodles of humanity.”

“The workshop made/helped me write in a way I have not written before. Thank you.”

“The things I liked about the workshop were: the pace, the range, the variety and the challenge.”

Feedback from workshop at Huddersfield Literature festival Workshop, 2009

“I have never been to a writing workshop! hows that… (plenty on other subjects though) wasnt sure if I could write something to order / on demand as it were. But actually ideas came surprisingly freely (and all whilst sober!)”

“just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed today. Your approach to create evocative poetry is fantastic! I’d love to come to more of your workshops!”

“Thanks very much for yesterday’s workshop. I really liked the exploration of senses and realised I use images a lot – no doubt because I trained as a painter. I think the pace was great – gave lots of time and no need to read out if you felt you’d got nowhere at the time.”

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