‘What’s Happening On Starling Street’, a collaborative radio play

industrial terrace

For the past year I have been working on the ‘On the write wavelength’ project, a project hosted by Phoenix FM and funded by ‘The Big Lottery Fund’. The outcome of this project is a radio play called ‘What’s Happening on Starling Street’. The play was a collaborative effort and features the work of many local writers. Throughout the year, me and the participants wrote about the characters of Starling Street, a fictional street in West Yorkshire. We wrote about their hopes, dreams and fears. At the end of the project, using Dylan Thomas’s play ‘Under Milk Wood’ as a model, we wove all the bits of writing together to create a weird and wonderful radio drama which features peacocks, coffee, bacon, buses, star-gazing, murder, ant-watching, ballroom dancing, stars on a dimmer-switch, talking streets and other surreal moments. You can listen to ‘What’s Happening On Starling Street’ by clicking here

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