someone should tell her mother she’s taking drugs

A film to accompany my poem ‘Someone should tell her mother she’s taking drugs’, from Lifting The Piano With One Hand (Comma Press, 2013)

4 Responses to “someone should tell her mother she’s taking drugs”

  1. I’m so enjoying your poetry, Gaia, since I read Rain Charm for Stirling Street in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual and came to your website. I love the sense of humour that comes through, even in the darker poems. I’ve just submitted a short story to Aesthetica for this year’s competition. Wish me luck! Best wishes, Jan

  2. Thank you so much Jan! I’m not very techno-brained and therefore not very good at keeping up with this blog but I hope to do a better job and start posting more poems etc. Best of luck with the short story

  3. Come on, my lady of the treetops…no techno fear. More poems and more often. It’s not too much for a chap to hope for, is it?

  4. Thank you Gaia. Tacking digital technology is something I’ve campaigned about as an Age UK Digital Champion. 4.8 million older people in the UK have not used it yet. So your live shows and actual, real books are still really important! Best wishes, Jan

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