MUSE-LI, online creative writing workshops with Gaia Holmes & Winston Plowes


With over 25 years of shared experience as creative writing workshop tutors, Gaia Holmes and Winston Plowes invite you to enjoy them for a feast of poetry and prose at MUSE-LI (through a private Facebook forum)where we will serve up a healthy and wholesome menu of weekly inspiration to get you writing.

All exercises will be text and image based with links to music and further reading. Your two weekly prompts will be served up at 6pm and 7pm every Thursday and fees are kept low at £25/£15 (low waged) per block of 6 weeks for you to engage with in our private group either on the night or at your leisure.

We would of course love to see you share anything you write with the group and interact with other members of MUSE-LI if you so wish, though it’s entirely up to you how much you engage with the forum.

Each 6 week block MUSE-LI will be governed by a particular theme. The themes we’ve worked with so far are ‘Body & Soul’ and ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities.’

– Like the ingredients in a bowl of muesli, all writers are different. Whether you are an experienced slice of ripe strawberry or a bran flake just dipping its toe in the milk there is a place for you in this group. All exercises (unless stated) can be completed using a poetry, prose or experimental approach, our job here is to inspire and we encourage you to ‘go your own way’ and break the rules.

– Exercises are self-contained and so missing a week won’t be a problem.

– Weekly subs’ are kept as low as possible in the interests of inclusion and making these prompts accessible to writers who might be struggling, especially during these difficult times.

If you’re interested in joining MUSE-LI please email

Please note, you’ll need an active Facebook account to join the sessions

Happy Writing Gaia & Winston

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