‘Igniting the spark’, creative writing workshops in Halifax

ITS poster 2015 3

I’ve been running the ‘Igniting the spark’ workshops for over 4 years now and still get great pleasure from facilitating them. It’s always exciting to see what the participants produce in response to the prompts and the exercises I provide. The workshops are very informal (often featuring cake) and open to writers of all abilities. Some of my students had never written until they attended the sessions and now are establishing themselves in the local literary scene. Others are more experienced writers who use the sessions as an inspirational ‘top up’. The sessions are not bound to one particular literary genre. I try to make the exercises adaptable so that students can choose to respond with fiction, poetry or autobiographical writing. If you have any queries about the session please do get in touch. Also, if you plan to come along let me know so I have an idea of how many hand-outs to provide. My email address is gaiaholmes@hotmail.co.uk or you can phone me on (01422) 369575.



Igniting the spark broke a mental barrier I never knew I had. Thanks to the group encouragement and creative magic I am now Young Poet Laureate Of Calderdale and have a weekly poetry section in the Halifax courier. And poetry is just the beginning of my journey…J.Duncan

Igniting the Spark is a really enjoyable and creative experience suitable for writers at all levels. The exercises are always inspiring and you’re always discovering something new – but in ways that are entertaining and stimulating. Gaia Holmes is a wonderfully supportive, empathic and encouraging tutor who never patronizes but always encourages individuality and boldness– H. Bond

Gaia Holmes provides the oxygen for a tinderbox of imaginative, inspirational and creative writing exercises known as the Igniting the Spark workshops. So if you have ideas smouldering away and wondering how to get the fire started. Here’s the rub. I guarantee you’ll leave with at least a warm glow!- M.Oxley

There is a fire in all of us that sometimes needs a spark to light it and let it grow. Gaia provides that spark and the creative fire’s that burn within are released into the literary atmosphere for all to read and hear- A. Smith


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