Elwick Mill, Shapinsay: Work-In-Progress

We’ve posted up tons of photos of Elwick Mill (from the outside) looking all neat, complete and manicured but we thought we should post some photos of the interior of the mill. Though my dad did loads of work there is still a great deal to do and it’s very much a case of ‘work-in-progress’. 299 2016-08-29-19-59-14 2016-08-28-14-19-20 2016-08-14-08-41-37 2016-08-28-14-17-36 2016-08-28-14-18-53-hdr 2016-08-28-14-19-11 2016-08-09-13-33-27 2016-08-14-08-41-20 2016-08-09-13-36-15 2016-08-09-13-33-32 img_2472 260 img_2465 img_2469 img_2352 img_2351 img_2349

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