December, Orkney: A poem

December: Orkney

Now the nights
are thick and heavy.
They leave their indentations
on our thinning days.

With no trees
to chaperone the darkness
they are wild, brutal,
seething with stars.

They bruise the windows
and kerb-stones of Balfour,
do not knock
before they enter
our houses,
outstay the welcome
of our winter fires.

~ by Gaia Holmes on June 2, 2016.

2 Responses to “December, Orkney: A poem”

  1. Liked very much the Shapinsay poem (particularly the nights “bruising the windows”) and also the poem by by AR Ammons, posted by you.

  2. Thanks for the Beehive reading. The poem has a dystopian quality, but with climate change doing what it does, who is to say it ain’t so.

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