Gorecki, symphony of sorrowfull songs

When I hear Gorecki’s symphony of sorrowfull songs I think of this: Because I was the youngest, the skinniest, the meekest, I got the smallest room in the house- the room with the flimsy fake wall, the room without windows. I tried to bring in light with tattered newspaper sunsets Blu-tacked to the wall. My fingers knew your face before my eyes did….

there is more but I can’t write it now

‘Snow’-Chemical Brothers…

I am hammering tacs into the attic stair carpet and thinking that soon, your bare feet will be walking on them. She says “Please get those carpets sorted. I have nightmares of you slipping and breaking your neck.”


Please send me prose/poems inspired by specific songs/tunes


~ by Gaia Holmes on September 6, 2011.

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